Colorful Santa Fe Wedding -

Colorful Santa Fe Wedding

I am 100% heart eyes over all the colorful details happening in this Santa Fe wedding. I could make a whole separate blog post about them! The flowers made by The Bosque Flower Studio were some of the most vivid I’ve ever seen. Fushia and mustard yellow flowers just gave so much life to the day. A copper frame displayed a gorgeous macrame tapestry made by Take Care Textiles. Darling Details Rentals offered the sweetheart table and elements in the ceremony. Honey and Salt Cake Co. made absolute art into a cake. Some of the most delicious food I’ve ever had at a wedding was made by My Sweet Basil. Genica Lee brought out Ashley’s natural beauty and made her radiate. Esther of Duke City Ceremonies quickly became one of my favorite officiants of all time.

Local vendors brought this wedding to life and I love and appreciate Ashley and Estevan so much for valuing small businesses! We’re all obsessed with this wedding!

The Anticipation…

After Ashley and Estevan went through so many changed plans, shortened guest lists, and closing venues, this wedding day was such a relief to finally arrive. This wedding just proves how much Plans B-Z always end up being absolutely incredible and beautiful despite the odds. Ashley is an absolute badass for putting this all together and her amazing, artsy tastes just shine through the whole day.

The day started off at the El Torreon house; a cozy, southwestern themed AirBnb. (This proves you don’t need an expensive, all-inclusive venue!). Ashley and Estevan posted themselves in different rooms and got started on writing their vows. Ashley made sure to read hers to her bridesmaids. This moment solidified that not a single person would get away without shedding a tear that day. I’ve heard dozens of vows but these vows hit home in such a relatable way. I love love.

The Ceremony

25 guests gathered in a quiet courtyard to celebrate Ashley and Estevan officially becoming husband and wife. So many infectious laughs were shared. Tears fell. And a joyful bond seemed to set in with everybody. Everything just radiated happiness.

The Couples Photos

After the ceremony, myself, Ashley, and Estevan took a getaway car to the Santa Fe plaza. It is one of the most fun things in the world to me to walk around a public area with a freshly married bride and groom. The honks from passersby, the yells of congratulations from strangers. Whenever wedding photos are taken in a place like this, you just know you made so many peoples’ days.

Not only that, but the colorful Santa Fe Plaza is home to endless amounts of art and places to explore. This place is a top tier wedding getaway location. Even for just a few minutes.

The Reception

Nights like this prove that even with 25 guests, you can still have a PARTY. This night was one to remember. The speeches were hilarious, the drinks were delicious (Ashley and Estevan share my huge love of local craft beer), and the food was next level.

There’s a looooot of photos in this blog but it’s so worth it! Enjoy!

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