Family Session in Sand Dunes of Carlsbad, New Mexico |

Family Session in Sand Dunes of Carlsbad, New Mexico

I seriously adore this family from Carlsbad. Back in May I connected with Ida and Gabe through a model call for couples to help me build my New Mexico portfolio. I am SO lucky to have met them and they have been so helpful in where I am now with my business in the southwest. Because of people like them, my clientele is increasing, demand has been booming, and I am no longer as afraid as I once was to move my business across the country. I legitimately feel so blessed to have met them.

I spend my July in Carlsbad and Ida got in contact with me again to book another session – this time with her adorable littles! They took me out to these incredible sand dunes. I have never shot at a location like this before in my life – talk about a Martian landscape! It’s so crazy to go from beaches and lakes to sprawling hills of red sand (that stays in my shoes for two months, I’ll tell you that much).

Ida dressed her family so adorably. I kinda want Maylee’s outfit for myself! I had so much fun with all of them, and burned probably 1000 calories running around, rolling in the sand, and playing Red Light Green Light. I love all the energy and unique personalities each of them brought, and how every shot I got is just so full of life. I live for this kind of energy and motion!

I hope to see them again as they grow because I am seriously obsessed with all of them <3



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