Carlsbad, New Mexico Family Session // Hannah + Ian -

Carlsbad, New Mexico Family Session // Hannah + Ian

I call Carlsbad, New Mexico my second home. And actually, as weird as it is to transition from an overpopulated state to somewhere where everyone knows everyone else, sometimes this place seems more like home than actual home. For the last year and a half, I’ve grown weirdly attached to this small southwest town, gaining so many friends and so many people who have come to mean so much to me. I love the endless amounts of sun, the warmth, how it takes five minutes to get anywhere. I love the one little coffee shop where I sit for HOURS and the brewery where I literally have the same fruity beer every. single. time. and eat endless amounts of popcorn. I love how welcoming the people are and how natural it is to feel like I belong. Sometimes I go months without going back but when I do, it’s like no time has passed at all.

A few months ago, I asked for people in Carlsbad who would be interested in a photo session as I try to build up my New Mexico/Phoenix/general southwest portfolio. Hannah and Ian stepped right up to the plate. These two are amazing. And at this point, they have taught me so many new board games at game nights and have seriously just become awesome friends. OH. Also they have a baby that I’m not afraid to interact with which is RARE. Sophia is the cutest. And has a more expressive face than I do. Actress one day? Probably.

So incredibly thankful these three were willing to trek through the desert at Ocotillo Trail with me. “I need AS MUUUUUCH desert as possible” I had told them. Despite backing up my legs several times into pointy plants, we had such a blast.

Also I just need a minute to talk about desert light and how perfect it is and how there’s no green color casting from trees and no weird shade shadows and ahhhhh. MORE PLEASE! I’ll be back in two weeks. Carlsbad, New Mexico people. Let’s make this happen.



  1. Such beautiful desert light! New Mexico sure looks like a gorgeous place to take family portraits in the Southwest. Love it!

  2. Great photos of family in the southwest and in particular in the desert. The family appears to really be fun to work with and you have captured them beautifully!!! Ron

  3. Beautiful family photos!! The light is just stunning and the smiles seem to go on for miles.

  4. says:

    Such a beautiful family! Great job on this family session.

  5. That New Mexico light paired with the sweet smiles of that sweet little girl makes for a perfect family session!

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