Carlsbad, New Mexico Couples Session // Alexandra + Mike -

Carlsbad, New Mexico Couples Session // Alexandra + Mike

Carlsbad, New Mexico!! My second home which, if all goes as I’m hoping, will be just as much of home as Rhode Island is soon! (I mean, it sort of already is) Bi-locating a business is crazy hard, especially when clients are mostly through word of mouth. Every client I’ve ever had has only been within a few hours of me, nevermind 2100 miles. I’ve been painstakingly working to get my name known around New Mexico, especially the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas, which have the main wedding industries. I’ve been connecting with local wedding vendors, any hair stylists, wedding planners, florists and DJs in the area. I’ve been talking with one planner to hopefully set up a styled wedding shoot in Albuquerque soon! I’ve been using New Mexico hashtags, scrolling through and interacting with Albuquerque and Santa Fe geotags. I’ve been researching everything I can learn about the wedding industry out there.

Best of all, I’ve been talking to and meeting so many new people in Carlsbad (on my own and not just my boyfriend’s friends, who are also amazing, YAY!) It’s been such a pleasure and every person has been so sweet and supportive and so much fun to talk with. I can never wait to go back. Who knew I could love a small, desolate town so much?

A few weeks ago I set out a model call for couples in a local Carlsbad group in order to build up my portfolio in the area. Alexandra and Mike came to the rescue and I CANNOT BELIEVE how much they killed it! They chose a little off-road turn-out for their session, a super unassuming place. But guys, this is everything that encompasses why I love the southwest so much. The light is insane, no trees blocking the massive New Mexico Sky, sprawling hills and mountains as far as the eye can see, and of course, super cute people like Allie and Mike.

Allie and Mike, I can’t thank you guys enough!! I hope to reconnect with you next time I head to Carlsbad! 🙂



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