Providence, Rhode Island Engagement Session // Sarah + Gabe

Ahhhh Sarah and Gabe! The power couple! It’s so crazy to have known someone as “my friend’s little sister” and see her grow up and fall into a relationship with someone that winds up being their soulmate. I have known Sarah and Gabe for an eternity (or like…9 years). They’ve always been a package deal, completely and totally suited for eachother. I can’t imagine them with anyone else. I was SO thrilled when they got engaged while on vacation in the Bahamas and even more ecstatic when they asked me to be their photographer. Of course, it’s always an honor to be chosen as a wedding photographer - it’s such a huge day! But it’s something a little more special when friends choose you to be such a massive part of their day.

Sarah and Gabe chose the heart of Providence, Rhode Island for the backdrop to their engagement photos. Waterplace Park is THE place to be on a summer night on the city. It’s the site of Waterfire, a summertime event that is a staple of Rhode Island. Every other time of the year, it’s a surprisingly secluded, peaceful place just to take a walk. You can wander around the bridges, watch some ducks, and in the instance of this Saturday afternoon, a group of teenagers attempting some kind of parkour. Something for everyone! In fact, this is site of my first ever engagement session.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to document Sarah and Gabe’s wedding. August can’t come soon enough!

Engagement Session at Chase Farm, Rhode Island // Erica + Gary

October is by far the busiest time of year for photographers in New England - and for good reason! Somehow the light seems more golden, and the way it reflects on the changing leaves makes everything look like it’s just on fire. But like in a pretty way and not a destructive way.

Erica and Gary met on Bumble, the best of the dating apps. And also just real quick I just want to give a shout out to how amazing online dating is and how much it’s lost its taboo. Most of my couples have met online! The internet is amazing. Together they share a love for all of my favorite things: Star Wars, Netflix binging, biking, and breweries!

They chose Chase Farm in Lincoln, Rhode Island for their engagement and it was absolutely perfect. Even though it was just a 30 minute session, it was truly a blast. I love interaction and keeping things moving (if you work with me, you will most likely break into a sweat). This session was full of laughs, and full of Erica and Gary’s clear and deep love for eachother. And check out Erica’s riiiing! So unique and pretty!

Engagement Session at East Freetown, Massachusetts

Romance movies are made about people exactly like Mallory and Justin. You’ve heard it before - country boy meets city girl and suddenly both of their lives are turned inside out and upside down. Mallory told me about the first time they met in person after chatting online for awhile. Justin had rolled up rocking some cowboy boots in his lifted, doors-free jeep like the true country man he is. Mallory had NO idea what to think of it but decided to just go for it! They went out to Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, Massachusetts where they talked for hours and hours and hours and hours. Despite the different lifestyles between them, they found a million things in common and Mallory agreed to a second date. A second date in which Justin drove her a mile down a dirt road for a movie night at his house. (I laughed SO hard hearing about this.) Against all odds, Justin still hit it off. And they got a third date. And a hundred more. If any lesson is taught from this, always shamelessly be yourself when dating.

Needless to say, not a single one of these instances phased Mallory and a few years later, Justin joined Mallory on a trip to Orchard Beach in Maine for a family party. This place is so incredibly meaningful to Mallory, with so many summers spent there and so many memories created there. Justin decided it was the most perfect opportunity to propose, forever creating the absolute best memory of the place for Mallory.

Their engagement session took place at Justin’s work! He works as an arborist for Quittacas Water Treatment Plant in East Freetown, Massachusetts. You wouldn’t think that sounds like the prettiest place ever but that’s a damn lie. This place had the most gorgeous, massive trees, streams, lakes, and the most perfect light. This is exactly why I have my couples choose their own locations - they pick something meaningful and usually SO delightfully surprising.

I’m SO excited to have the opportunity to work with these two. They’re the absolute sweetest and I cannot WAAAAIT for their wedding in September this year!

Engagement Session at Gwyn Careg Inn, Connecticut // Kailey + Matt

Sometimes you work with people who are so much like yourself, you spend the entire session all giddy and discovering all the things you have in common. Kailey and Matt have a love for breweries, and will travel hours to get to all the good ones. They love horror and all spooky things. They have an affinity for adventure, hiking, and exploring new places, and even got engaged at Diamond Beach IN ICELAND. These are my people. And I feel so lucky that they found me.

Kailey chose a super special place for their engagement session. In September 2017 I shot an unforgettable wedding here and have been plastering the photos from it everywhere ever since. Gwyn Careg Inn in Connecticut is unlike any other venue I’ve seen in New England. It transports you into a foreign land, feeling like a secret garden somewhere in the countryside of Ireland. Its stone structures and fields of flowers make every angle of this place a haven of natural beauty. I could shoot here all day!

I absolutely loved this session that took place in September (wow I am far behind). I loved getting to know the amazing Kailey and Matt. And even more so, I love that I’ll get to see them again on their wedding day in October, which is going to be PERFECT and can’t come soon enough!

Sakonnet Vineyards, Rhode Island Engagement // Hayley + Ryan

Like so many couples around the world and the majority of my couples, Hayley and Ryan initially connected on a dating site. Honestly, where would we be without the internet?! They bonded over their love of biking, cribbage, walking trails, and wine tastings, which is exactly how Sakonnet Vineyards came into play!

Hayley connected with the staff at Sakonnet Vineyards in Little Compton, Rhode Island and was able to snag a spot for the engagement session during the weekend in September. We were so lucky to have a place with the lushest vegetation, drenched in the late summer light. We walked through the rows of grapes, ran around in some fields, and helped ourselves to some glasses of white wine (not the dog though. Zelda did not partake in the wine).

Some couples grow together to the point where marriage is right, when some have an exact moment where they know they found the one. For Hayley and Ryan, it was the latter. Hayley said that moment was their first date, when they went to see John Wick together at a movie theater in Swansea, Massachusetts. Ryan offered to buy her a slushie and she repeatedly said no, she was all set. Eventually, he got up and told her he was going to the bathroom. When he returned, he had a coke slushie in his hand. For Hayley, this sealed the deal.

They get married next September, at the botanical gardens at Roger Williams Park in Providence, somewhere I’ve been DYING to shoot at! Every detail of her wedding Hayley told me about just got me so excited. It’s going to be such a beautiful day and it can’t come fast enough!