The Knob, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Engagement Session // Emmeline + Jared

Sometimes I get those rare clients that are my exact, specific level of weird and we vibe so well and the engagement session is just a fun hang out and I don't want it to end. That's Emmeline and Jared. They are so much fun, so open and genuine, and were up for anything- even while wearing wedges in the wild in Cape Cod! 

Jared and Emmeline have been together since they were 15 and 16 in that kind of relationship that always blows my mind and makes me so happy. They both went to different highschools but were both involved in band which had the same director. Since neither highschool had their own band, the director combined both together to form a power band. And a power couple. Best band director ever! 

They grew up together, only growing closer and more in love. In December 2017, Jared took Emmeline on a hike at Ward Reservation along with a friend. They walked down the boardwalk together, arms wrapped around eachother, with their friend taking photos for them in the woodsy landscape. Jared found a beautiful spot and after posing for a few photos together, he dropped to his knee and Emmeline burst into the biggest smile of her life. Every moment of this captured. I firmly believe that no matter how you propose, you always need a photographer on hand. This moment is SO PRECIOUS. 

For their session, I headed out to Cape Cod at this park called The Knob, a small peninsula sticking out into the ocean in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The Knob is home to winding hiking trails, which we all adventurously explored together in inappropriate footwear, boats docked out on the water, rolling hills of tall grass, and the most gorgeous natural light and nautical backdrop that just screams Cape Cod. I'm so lucky to get to shoot in places like this!