Post-Wedding Session at Washington Ranch, Carlsbad, New Mexico // Tamara + Scott


Washington Ranch is a wedding venue unsuspectingly nestled into the countryside outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico. In among the endless sprawl of treeless landscape, you would never expect this place to be there! When talking with Tamara about the endless opportunities Carlsbad has to offer for amazing locations, it was so hard to pick just one. Ultimately, I choose Washington Ranch since it’s a popular wedding venue and getting a wedding there would make my entire life. Just look at that landscape! Between the endless sky, hazy mountains, and a lake surrounded by willow trees, this venue is the ultimate place to get married. Or to just have a couples session like Tamara and Scott!

Turns out, you’re allowed to get photos together even after you’ve been married. Tamara and Scott have been married for a few years now but were still so excited to come out and get in front of the camera. I can’t thank them enough for coming out to meet with me and take these photos together!