Late Summer Wedding at Cohasset Harbor Inn

Are we missing summer yet? I know I am. Currently bundled up in like 5 layers and wrapped in blankets and fuzzy socks. It really doesn’t feel that long ago that it was August on the day Leticia and John got married.

Though I was only with them a short time on their wedding day, I could feel how much love was shared between them and their families. Everyone seemed to know they were meant to be and had been anxiously anticipating their wedding day.

Leticia and John were married in Cohasset, Massachusetts at the Cohasset Harbor Inn on August 11, 2018 (shows you how behind I am with blogging - ooooof.)

I walked into Leticia looking absolutely gorgeous, radiant, and eagerly awaiting walking down the aisle. I was greeted by the friendliest and warmest family members ever and together they put on all the finishing touches before heading down to the ceremony.

The ceremony took place on a patio at Cohasset Harbor Inn, overlooking the bay with all its boats and perfect little New England houses. While Leticia and John shared their heartfelt vows, their smiles and gazes towards each other said it all. Their parents and families looked on with such an indescribable joy.

After the ceremony, we took a quick field trip to the Lightkeeper’s House, to take photos at the lighthouse for the ultimate nautical New England feel.

Then came the reception, filled with so much happiness and energy and rogue photobooth props on the dancefloor. One of the sweetest moments came during the father-daughter dance. Leticia danced with her dad, while John danced with their daughter.