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Engagement Session at Sitting Bull Falls, Carlsbad, New Mexico // Addie + Ramon
A Carefree Engagement at The Flumes, Carlsbad, New Mexico // Nika + Chris

A carefree, adventurous session at the Carlsbad, New Mexico Pecos River Flumes

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Cutler Majestic Theater Engagement Session, Boston, Massachusetts // Sarah + Dave
Sarah + Matt / Engagement + Family Session at Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island

It's such a beautiful thing to be reunited with clients. About five years ago, back when I had NO idea what I was doing, Sarah had me take photos of her adorable baby girl for her six month photos, all dressed up in a little Snow White onesie. Years later, that baby girl is a big sister to two little brothers! She has a life of annoyance, pranking, and fun ahead of her. 

Sarah, a fellow photographer and one of my biggest supporters who I appreciate so much also got engaged! Her and Matt had known eachother for years before they got together. Matt and her brother-in-law were close friends and through him, Sarah wound up spending a lot of time with Matt. And honestly? For the longest time they couldn't stand eachother. Just like how all rom-coms play out, right?? After awhile, they found that they had so much fun around eachother and finally admitted their feelings to eachother. Since then, they have made the perfect couple, always having fun together and taking the kids out for adventures. 

Sarah chose Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island for their engagement session. Quintessentially Rhode Island, this place served as a perfect backdrop for running around in the sand, climbing on lifeguard chairs, and attempting to fly kites (it's way harder than it looks, guys). When you get to the coast, Rhode Island is an incredibly beautiful place. 

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