Melissa + Brenden // Intimate Wedding at Kinney Azalea Garden, Rhode Island

Two weeks ago I said: "I'm gonna blog twice a week!" and then I didn't and then I laughed and laughed. Someone teach me time management wheeee

Anyway! This wedding. This gorgeous, etherial, magical wedding. This was the first wedding of my 2018 season and I could not have asked for a more perfect way to kick things off. Before this day, I had never met Melissa and Brenden. Had no idea what they looked like, what their story was, or what kind of people they were. And they are just every kind of amazing. Silly, weird adorable goofballs who love the simple things in life, having fun, and who adore being in each others presence. The way they look at eachother is straight out of a movie and you just know they fit together so perfectly. By the end of the brisk two hours I spent with them, I felt as though they were friends. 

This was my smallest wedding by far, so far from my typical 150+ guest, party-hardy, all day weddings and I loved every second of it. Somehow, though I live in Rhode Island, and have for 24 years of my life, I've barely been shooting any weddings there! It was so nice to actually have my home state as the backdrop to this wedding. Rhode Island, when its pretty, is REALLY pretty. Melissa and Brenden chose Kinney Azalea Gardens in North Kingstown as the place to start their married life together. I couldn't believe I had never been here before! Though the azalea season was over, this place still felt like some kind of secret garden we had all just stumbled upon. So quiet and private, this was the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. With three close friends, the officiant, and me, Melissa and Brenden became husband and wife.