Something no one talks about enough is the feeling of stepping off a plane into 72 degree weather after months of shivering. I just about cried. Immediately coming from the freezing snow of Alaska, the whole thing felt like it was a dream. Actually, I'm still not entirely sure this trip happened; after spending years of my childhood just completely fascinated by Hawaii, it seemed like more of a fantasy than something that would be a reality for me. 

Turns out booking plane tickets is easier than expected. God bless them terrifying metal air tubes. 

Hawaii was just a total burst of color like I haven't seen since October- or maybe ever. The greens were so vivid I just sat and stared out the window, trying to absorb as much as I could before heading back to grey New England. The clean, clear blue-green of the ocean. The dark charcoal of solidified lava. The rusty reds of the soil. If it's possible for a human being to see new colors after 25 years of being alive, Hawaii is where it happens.

The first day full day there, a full nine hours after landing from Alaska, we took off on a flight to the Big Island. And thus began the clouds...


The sense of perspective goes completely out the window when you're surrounded by sloping landscapes and you're looking down on the clouds. 


We tried getting higher than this - putting our Hyundai Elantra rental to the test as we passed people who had four wheel drive pick ups. You know, people smarter than us. We didn't make it. BUT. Can't complain about the views we did get. 



This was Rainbow Falls in Hilo, Hawaii, in which we climbed things. 


And of course, you can't go to the Big Island without hitting up Volcano National Park.


It's absolutely crazy in this park - one moment completely surrounded by dense rainforest and the next moment coming out onto the flat, dark landscapes carved out by Mauna Loa's eruptions over the years.


The hyper-touristy sea bridge:


On the second full day, we rented mopeds and I got yelled at because I'm a shaky learner. I got the hang of it though, and we somehow navigated the city of Honolulu without dying or getting everyone angry with us. I still can't believe it. 

This was not a day of many photos, as I was concentrating very heavily on not having any walls or seatbelts around me at 50 mph. 


The view from the AirBnb! Hawaii thing I was most surpised about: Honolulu is HUGE. 


On day three, we ventured out to the northern coast of Honolulu and then everything was straight out of Jurassic Park.


Waimea Bay was where I could've happily spent a week.


I wanted to jump off this rock so badly! Buuuut high winds made for some intense waves. 


Oh yeah, I tried surfing. I'm really good at sitting on the board and staring at the horizon and also falling into the ocean. Maybe one day! 


Pterodactyl, not bird. Clearly.


Hawaii, no amount of time spent with you is enough. I'll be back for sure <3

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