Jennifer + Drew // Newport, Rhode Island Engagement Session


Ahhhh Newport! I always feel so lucky whenever my clients choose Newport as a backdrop for their sessions. You just can't go wrong! I've seen golden hour at it's best here; combined with the ocean, the sand, the unique and gorgeous mansions, and general atmosphere, I wish I could shoot here every day.

Jennifer and Drew came all the way from Missouri to visit family in Rhode Island. Drew, having spent many years of his life in Newport, picked out locations that I haven't even heard of!

These two are the kind of people you will never find sitting still for too long. They're hikers, foodies, theater-enthusiasts, skiiers, and travelers and they will never miss out on an opportunity to go on adventures together. In December of last year, they flew out to Denver fora weekend of climbing the Rocky Mountains. Jennifer has a suspicion of what was coming after seeing the receipt for a ring not-so-carefully hidden (OOPS.) As the two hiked up the mountain in the cold, it began to snow. Always prepared, they had brought snowshoes with them and continued on up the mountain. It was there in the cold, snowy mountains that Drew proposed to Jennifer, promising a lifetime of adventure together.

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