Travel Blog // Portland + Seattle

I admit to always being that person who wrote "LOVES TRAVEL" in descriptions about herself but never actually went anywhere aside from family roadtrips. I would follow the lives of actual travelers and wallow in jealousy, always saying "I wish I were you". It was always them that could do it, not me. It was for people who were rich, didn't panic in stressful situations, were better planners than I was. Simply put, it was only a bridge I was afraid to cross though I knew it would make me happy.

This year, I decided I needed to do more to fill my life with experiences, to say yes to as much as possible, and to step outside of my tiny comfort zone and guys, it's making me so damn happy. I learned that to put value into travel rather than junk food. I learned it's possible for anyone to travel, and that jealousy and living vicariously through other people doesn't improve your own life. Take risks, people. It's good for you. :)

Last weekend, I sucked up my anxiety, wandered onto a plane alone, and made it out of the eastern time zone for the first time in my life. Oregon and Washington are the two most beautiful, friendliest, laid-back, and fun places I have ever been. Ever since getting home, I've been trying to convince myself that I can't just up and move there out of nowhere because let me tell you, I am DYING to. I mean look at this.


-Andrea :)