Engagement Session at Watch Hill Beach, Rhode Island // Kate + Sam


Kate and Sam have that amazing "Jim and Pam" sort of love story. They met while working together at John Deere in Connecticut and became work buddies, hanging out together at lunch, sharing inside jokes and their love of pitbulls. Kate would tell her family and friends about "Sam from work" and how he would make her day so much better. She could not hide how much he meant to her. Meanwhile Sam, being that typical guy, was entirely oblivious. Despite hearing that she had feelings for him, for months and months, he had his doubts.

Finally, he caught on. And fell for her just as hard. Their first date happened to fall on Kate's BIRTHDAY. The pressure was on. And he nailed it. Knowing their common love of dogs, he took her to a pug-themed restaurant called The Corner Pug (the best play on "pub" of all time), decorated entirely in pug paintings, sculptures, and photos. Time went by and eventually Sam bought a ring, holding onto it for weeks trying to find the best way to ask.

That moment came when he opened the fridge one night, finding a bunch of cupcakes. For everyone who was wondering, the way to a girl's heart is through food. Pretty much every time. Sam hid the ring in a cupcake! And no, she didn't accidentally eat it. Kate cut into the cupcake, found the ring, and her first response was "wait are you serious?!"

These two make such a fantastic couple. The smiles they had throughout this whole session were so contagious. You can just tell that when they're together, everything around them just disappears.


Kate and Sam chose Watch Hill Beach in Rhode Island for their session and I could not believe how beautiful it was.


I'm one of those people who's obsessed with tattoos but way too much of a wimp to get one of my own. When they showed up with the coolest ink, I was thrilled.


I love that I get clients who are down for ANYTHING. Kate and Sam were not afraid to take off their shoes, hike up steep hills, climb on top of rocks, lay down in sand, and freeze their butts off. And they did it all smiling and having the greatest time just being together.


The Atlantic ocean is my favorite horizon line. New England is such an amazing and diverse place to live.


The thing I loved about Watch Hill is the sun sets in the most perfect place. The light was killer EVERYWHERE.


Rhode Island has potholes like you wouldn't believe. But it also has this. So we forgive it.


When we left from Connecticut, it was a beautiful 70 degrees. As we got closer to the coast, we watched the temperature drop by 20 degrees. I told them "just keep eachother warm" a lot.


Kate and Sam, I appreciate so much that you have chosen me to be your photographer. This engagement session was a dream and I'm so excited to work with the two of you on your wedding!!

Andrea :)