Rhode Island Lifestyle Family Session

To be honest, I was pretty nervous for my first ever in-home family lifestyle session. I typically feel a little awkward around kids and most interactions with them lead to being stared at blankly, in silence. These adorable girls changed everything. As soon as I walked into the house, I was greeted with laughter, curious questions, and was immediately towed around, being shown all of their favorite toys and interests. We all had such a blast and an hour was way too short of a time!

We started off our time together baking some cookies and stirring up a bowl of chocolate pudding.


and of course as the kids were running around, I needed to sneak in a quick moment with just mom and dad together :)


The girls led me upstairs to their rooms and shared their favorite music with me and the original dance moves broke out in full force.


In February, there was about a week straight of the most beautiful weather you can imagine. Perfect, sunny, windows rolled down listening to happy music kind of weather. We took to the outside deck to soak in the sun. And to soak in some bubble solution, let's be honest.


Once the bubble supply was depleted, we did some lightning-fast driveway racing.


And dad helped build some rock houses.


And then the cookies were done! A+ cookies. Very delicious.


What I miss about being a kid is immediately burning off calories right after consuming them.


We ended our session with an epic dance party in the living room.


...and then crashed on the couch.


-Andrea :)