Hitting the Brakes

I've come to a realization lately. Actually, a couple. One, time has been going by so incredibly fast and I don't like it. As a whole year becomes less and less of a fraction of my entire lifetime, I feel like things are speeding up and even though I'm only 23, it had me thinking some morbid thoughts.

I know what it takes to make time slow down. First of all, I needed to stop worrying about it. Thinking about how fast time is going by definitely doesn't hit any brakes. Breaking routine is also crucial. It's so easy to fall into the same patterns. Wake up, work my day job, go home and do photography work until Matt comes home from work, dinner, dishes, video games, Netflix, sleep, repeat, and then count the days until weekend. Every day.

New experiences slows time right down as well. Think about when you were a kid. A year lasted an ETERNITY. Every day brought a new learning experience, every day brought something that was a first. It's harder to bring upon that feeling as an adult, and almost nerve-wracking to come up with new experiences within the bounds of daily life.

My second realization: I eat like a picky five-year-old and I seriously need to exercise and I hate most forms of exercise.

SO I started hiking. Every day I'm able to, I search out a new location and hike as long as I can before freezing my butt off. This new experience, though not a big deal, is a break to my normal routine and is definitely working. No comment on whether I'm in better shape or not...

Some of the adventures I've been having:


I come across a crazy amount of interesting buildings while hiking.


I make friends too.


On weekends, Matt joins me and hiking is improved by 158399%


-Andrea :)

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