Wedding Day Tips! (with bonus generic flower photos)

Before I became a wedding photographer, I can remember going to only two weddings in my entire life: as a flowergirl and as the sixth grade tomboy with zero wedding etiquette who wore jeans and a t-shirt as a guest. Yep.

 In the last year and a half, that number has gone up to around 20 and I find myself becoming more and more of an expert on weddings. (Humble, I know.) For most brides I photograph, it's their first time! And no amount of Pinterest or Instagram photos can prepare them for EVERYTHING that goes on in a wedding day. 

So here's a list of 20 tips for your wedding day!

  1. Leave expectations behind. Wedding days never go exactly as you envisioned. Just go with it.
  2. Avoid spray tanning within four days of your wedding to give it a chance to settle and look more natural. No matter how tan it looks to you, my camera only registers you as an orange person.
  3. Make sure the location people are getting ready is tidied up as much as possible. It's 2015, pictures will be everywhere within hours. 
  4. Take sleep aids the night before your wedding. Your nerves will be on fire. Sleep is nearly impossible. 
  5. Make a pile of all important little details you want the photographer to get shots of before he/she gets to your prep location: wedding rings, invitations, shoes, meaningful jewelry, anything that's important to you. 
  6. Here's a picture of a wedding day emergency kit.
  7.  Leave as little for yourself to do the morning of your wedding day. No chores allowed!
  8. Treat the morning of your wedding like it's part of your honeymoon. Before people arrive, take a bubble bath, read a book, eat a big delicious breakfast, relax! And treat yo-self.
  9. Forget about the photographer (unless you are directed of course). Be in the moment of your wedding day and have fun without worrying about looking photogenic.
  10. When putting on your dress, make it into a donut shape with the floor showing through. Step through the hole and pull it up. It's always good to not wrestle with your wedding dress.
  11.  Move your engagement ring to your right hand to keep your hand ring-free during the ceremony. Move it on top of your lovely new wedding ring afterwards.
  12.  When walking down the aisle, look out at everyone rather than looking down. You look stunning and everyone wants to see your face.
  13. Guys! When linking arms with someone, make a fist and hold it up! It looks very silly when your arm is limp and dangling down your side.
  14. Plan out your first kiss beforehand. Make sure your guests (and especially your photographer) can see your beautiful faces.
  15. Speaking of kisses, linger a little bit when you kiss. Tiny pecks are so easy to miss!
  16.  Wedding days are looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Please take breaks. Give yourself some space every once in awhile to collect your thoughts, take deep breaths, and drink a boatload of water.
  17. Spend some time together. Sneak out of the reception, just the two of you, for just a few minutes. It's really kind of sad how little time couples actually spend together on their wedding day.
  18. Along with that, try to stick together during the reception. It's so easy to get caught up in talking to all your guests but make sure not to be apart for too long. 
  19. Be present in the day. It goes by so. Incredibly. Fast. Hold on to every moment.
  20. Remember it doesn't matter! If everything goes wrong during the day, you still got married to the love of your life. That's the whole point anyway. 

- Andrea =)


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