Valentine's Day Wedding

Betsy and Nick were married on a snowy Valentine's Day in a church they call home. I have known Nick for about nine years now and let me tell you, in all those years I have never, ever seen him smile as much as he did on his wedding day. And he's one of the happiest people I've ever known. These two absolutely adored eachother and though it was yet another snowy day in the winter of 2015, their smiles lit up the whole day. The amount of joy, laughter, and radiant smiles was infectuous.

 Public service announcement: wedding dresses are basically puzzles to figure out. 


 Betsy's love for her daughters was so tangible and real. They played a huge part of her wedding day.

 Nick was crazy easy to take portraits of. He even told me it calmed his nerves taking the pictures! That's definitely a first. 

Walking takes too long when the love of your life is waiting at the altar; I thought this girl was about to run down the aisle.

 That face!

 Nick could not take his eyes off his bride

 I love telling bridesmmaids to just crack up at eachother. It works so well every time!



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