The End

Well everyone it's the end of an era. I just finished up my 52 weeks project and I couldn't be more happy it's over. 

Guys, I'll be honest with you- it was pointless. Do you remember playing with toys as a kid and giving them personalities, playing with them from dawn till dusk? (I played with spoons once for an embarrassing amount of time.) Eventually, the interest in doing that sort of just disappears as you grow older. Maybe you try picking it up again just to see if you still have that childlike creativity only to realize the spark you once had to bring inanimate objects to life has completely died out. 

That's what this 52 weeks project felt like. I orginally started the project to reignite my passion of making conceptual, artistic photos. I thought that if I forced myself to do it, I'd get more into it and come up with some kick-ass ideas. Instead, it sort of made me hate it. 

I felt myself gravitating more towards portraits and event photography. The feeling I get working with a client is so much more rewarding than coming up with some crazy idea to put into picture form. 

2014 was a year of trial and error and ultimately, growth as a photographer. I've done six weddings this year and have many more lined up for next year. I have never felt more in love with what I do. It's time to say goodbye to conceptual art for good and start focusing on building a client base, strengthening my business, and reinventing myself as a photographer. 

2015, I'm gonna kick your butt. 

But enough rambling! Here are my top ten favorites of my 52 weeks project =)