Becoming a Cat Person (A Controversial Opinion)


I haven't always been a cat person. I think it took an annoyance in dogs to realize the full potential of cats. While dogs cover you with adoration and sloppy bad-breathed kisses, a cat's love is something to be earned, which to me, feels more valuable and rewarding. While dogs are loud and needy, cats have no problem being independent, curling up with you once in awhile peacefully, quietly, and usually unobtrusively. Also they're cute and stupid and do the weirdest things and I love that.

I hope I didn't just alienate tons of dog people. WHOOPS.

I have two cats. Mouse and Doot. Mouse started off as Grayce, a very shy foster cat, taken care of by my boyfriend's mom. Every time I went to visit, she'd hide, only sometimes showing her pretty face. She'd only approach me if I avoided eye contact, squatted down low, and stretched my hand out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally far, and then only let me only slightly brush like, three hairs, before walking away. Since then, my boyfriend's mom adopted her, and a couple years later, came to visit our apartment as a trial cat. And is still here three months later. She's still not the most outgoing cat in the world but now she jumps up onto the couch with me, curling up a few feet away, and flops onto her back excitedly when I start petting her. 



Doot is Doot. For a kitten named after a dumb meme, he somehow totally lives up to his name. He's just so...dooty. A common conversation Matt and I have about Doot: "What is Doot doing?" "Oh he's just dooting." And it somehow just makes sense. He's completely ridiculous, misses his aim and falls off of things all the time, can be put in any position when sleeping, and is confused easily. When I first met him at the cat shelter, he was comfortably sitting on Matt's shoulder as if that were a standard sitting place as Matt was hunched over, trying to balance him. Love at first sight.


In a perfect world, I'd have twenty of these.

-Andrea =)