Goodbye, September

Bit of a cliche, but I CAN'T BELIEVE how fast this year is going by. Did September even exist? It feels like it was a fleeting dream, with the best scene definitely being the past weekend.

For Thursday-and yes I'm counting last Thursday as the weekend, since Friday I did zero things =P- I drove down to my parent's house to celebrate my baby sister, Aidyl's birthday. Who is now five and not a baby (again, why does time go by so fast?!)


Backwards helmet, backwards handlebar, barefoot, messy hair, covered in dirt riding her birthday present from yours truly. My mom tells me all the time how much like me she is. And its crazy; watching her run around on her scooter was like watching memories of myself as a kid.


Joining Aidyl is our very eccentric cousin, Lilly.


My mom made this cake from scratch!


I'm not proud of how this photo came out. The light was so dim, my lens didn't focus correctly, but when my grandmother saw the look on my sister's face on the back of my camera, she was in love with it. Its such a weird feeling seeing other people's reactions as they see pictures of loved ones when I myself did not reach my standards. Of course my standards are important, but moments like this really make me realize what kind of thing is most important to my clients.


My two youngest sisters! (I have three. We're 23, 20, 18, and 5. Crazy I know.)


Breaking news: a five-year-old gets a Frozen gift for her birthday.

On Saturday Matt and I headed to a county fair and it was by far the most redneck thing I have ever been to and it was amazing. Tons of animals, delicious artery-clogging food, and new experiences side by side with my favorite person. 


Connecticut is so beautiful it takes my breath away sometimes. I'm easy to please.

The first thing I HAD to do was head over to the animal...tent? I don't know. The animals are voted on and win contests and stuff. This one probably won second place for Messiest Eater. First place? Me, eating a steamed cheeseburger.


THIS LLAMA IS HILARIOUS. Actually it might be an alpaca. Is there a difference? I feel dumb now. ANOTHER PICTURE OF THIS LLAMA IN PARTICULAR IS ESSENTIAL.


I admit to photoshopping all the poop out to enhance the cuteness of this animal.


No photoshopping was done to enhance the cuteness of this animal ;D

I'm sorry. I'll show myself out.


We headed down to watch something I have never heard of in my life: a Horse Pull. Let me explain to you what this is: Horses and pulling.


There were tiny horses pulling people.


People pulling horses.


and horses pulling weights (with bonus person!)


Okay despite my sarcasm stemming from the fact that this lasted a bit long for my attention span, it was pretty cool how gigantic and beautiful these horses were, not to mention they were hauling thousands of pounds of weight behind them. It was something I had never seen before and it was a great new experience.


Sunday night was my personal favorite. The night of the supermoon eclipse! Never in my life have I seen an eclipse before and I was so fidgety waiting to head outside to see it. Matt and I bundled up, found a good spot near our apartment, and we lay on the grass together looking up at what he described as a "cigarette burn in the sky". Though it was past our bedtime, and Matt was definitely dozing off and finding it a bit difficult to keep up with my enthusiasm, it was an unforgettable night.


- Andrea =)