Ashland, Massachusetts Engagement Session // Alanna + Troy

I. Love. These. Two. I feel so completely lucky to have met them and become their photographer! Alanna and Troy are experts at having a blast and every second of their engagement session was full of laughs and the carefree way they interact together. They even brought their dog Ollie, a 65-pound super sweet super lovable black lab puppy who I totally fell in love with.

The story of how they met is one of my favorites and just speaks for how much fun they are to hang out with. I can totally picture myself witnessing this story! Alanna says,

”I was at Foxwoods for my friend's bachelorette party. We had specifically gone there to the Atrium to see Aquanett because the Bride to Be is a huge fan. We had been there for a while, drinking and dancing when Troy and his group of friends showed up. Troy lived near the casino at the time so for them, it was just another night out with the boys. After making conversation with the group and dancing for a bit, I noticed my Corona Light was empty and so I headed towards the bar for another. On my way, I saw Troy standing there with his empty Corona Light, grabbed it, and dragged him to the bar. We talked for a long time and eventually, the Bachelorette was ready to head back to the hotel. I stayed behind but got separated from Troy. After trying and failing to find him again, I decided to head back to the hotel. On my way to the doors, I ran into his best friend and best man, Mark. I shouted "HEY YOU" and flagged him down. He told me that he and Troy had split up and searched the casino to find me. He immediately called Troy and told him where we were and Troy came running back. We sat at a table in the lobby and talked for hours before we agreed it was time to head home. He and Mark wouldn't let me walk back to the hotel alone (across the parking lot) so they walked me back even though their car was on the complete opposite side of the casino. I made sure to get his number and I saw him the very next weekend. “

Shoutout to that friend for having a kick-ass bachelorette party at the right place and the right time! And shout out to Corona as well. Your drink is amazing and brings soulmates together.

Alanna and Troy chose Ashland State Park in Massachusetts for their session. It was at the perfect time of year because the colors were INSANE. Pair that together with a giant lake and this place was such a winner.

Going to be closing out this year’s wedding season with their wedding and I cannot WAIT to see them again and witness them get married!

Red Lion Inn Resort Wedding, Cohassett, MA // Kacee + Josh

THIS WEDDING. Man this wedding just solidified 2018 as such a fun, happy, omg-I-love-my-job kind of year. This was one for the books.

I was a bit nervous heading into this wedding, as I’ve heard multiple horror stories from photographers saying that the ceremony and reception area was one of the toughest situations for lighting. But then I saw it and I was completely floored by how gorgeous it was. Red Lion Inn in Cohassett, Massachusetts QUICKLY became one of my favorite wedding venues I’ve worked at! With its high, vaulted ceilings with chandeliers and a second floor with candles lining the stairs leading up to it, Red Lion Inn is a place every couple should consider. Paired with all the colors of early October, this place was perfect.

Kacee was one of the most chill brides I’ve ever worked with. Her wedding day came so naturally to her, and she didn’t seem to have a nervous bone in her body. She got ready in the bridal suite with her bridesmaids and it was such a relaxed morning, the way it should be! My second shooter hung out with Josh and his groomsmen, also looking chill as hell with their cigars and even going out to a bar down the street for beers! Take a lesson from these two - leave soooo much time on your wedding day so you can just relax and take it all in!

The ceremony was the definition of adorable. Kacee and Josh poured their hilarious personalities into their vows and made them personal and completely fitting to their relationship. There were laughs, there were tears, it was everything. Following the ceremony, I had an absolute blast hanging out with the bridal party. They were absolutely HILARIOUS and it was at this wedding I realized…hey I kinda love when bridal parties goof off and have fun. I’d rather have people laughing than anything else in the world.

The reception, as always, was the greatest part of the day. My favorite DJ, who I’ve worked with since the beginning, completely set the vibe on fire. (Find him here!) Kacee had a dance off with her dad, guests smoked cigars, a cane was graciously offered up as a limbo stick, and everyone had the time of their lives. Kacee and Josh barely left the dance floor, and it was amazing seeing a couple I’ve known for years be so completely full of joy <3

Providence, Rhode Island Engagement Session // Sarah + Gabe

Ahhhh Sarah and Gabe! The power couple! It’s so crazy to have known someone as “my friend’s little sister” and see her grow up and fall into a relationship with someone that winds up being their soulmate. I have known Sarah and Gabe for an eternity (or like…9 years). They’ve always been a package deal, completely and totally suited for eachother. I can’t imagine them with anyone else. I was SO thrilled when they got engaged while on vacation in the Bahamas and even more ecstatic when they asked me to be their photographer. Of course, it’s always an honor to be chosen as a wedding photographer - it’s such a huge day! But it’s something a little more special when friends choose you to be such a massive part of their day.

Sarah and Gabe chose the heart of Providence, Rhode Island for the backdrop to their engagement photos. Waterplace Park is THE place to be on a summer night on the city. It’s the site of Waterfire, a summertime event that is a staple of Rhode Island. Every other time of the year, it’s a surprisingly secluded, peaceful place just to take a walk. You can wander around the bridges, watch some ducks, and in the instance of this Saturday afternoon, a group of teenagers attempting some kind of parkour. Something for everyone! In fact, this is site of my first ever engagement session.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to document Sarah and Gabe’s wedding. August can’t come soon enough!

Carlsbad, New Mexico Family Session // Hannah + Ian

I call Carlsbad, New Mexico my second home. And actually, as weird as it is to transition from an overpopulated state to somewhere where everyone knows everyone else, sometimes this place seems more like home than actual home. For the last year and a half, I’ve grown weirdly attached to this small southwest town, gaining so many friends and so many people who have come to mean so much to me. I love the endless amounts of sun, the warmth, how it takes five minutes to get anywhere. I love the one little coffee shop where I sit for HOURS and the brewery where I literally have the same fruity beer every. single. time. and eat endless amounts of popcorn. I love how welcoming the people are and how natural it is to feel like I belong. Sometimes I go months without going back but when I do, it’s like no time has passed at all.

A few months ago, I asked for people in Carlsbad who would be interested in a photo session as I try to build up my New Mexico/Phoenix/general southwest portfolio. Hannah and Ian stepped right up to the plate. These two are amazing. And at this point, they have taught me so many new board games at game nights and have seriously just become awesome friends. OH. Also they have a baby that I’m not afraid to interact with which is RARE. Sophia is the cutest. And has a more expressive face than I do. Actress one day? Probably.

So incredibly thankful these three were willing to trek through the desert at Ocotillo Trail with me. “I need AS MUUUUUCH desert as possible” I had told them. Despite backing up my legs several times into pointy plants, we had such a blast.

Also I just need a minute to talk about desert light and how perfect it is and how there’s no green color casting from trees and no weird shade shadows and ahhhhh. MORE PLEASE! I’ll be back in two weeks. Carlsbad, New Mexico people. Let’s make this happen.

Engagement Session at Chase Farm, Rhode Island // Erica + Gary

October is by far the busiest time of year for photographers in New England - and for good reason! Somehow the light seems more golden, and the way it reflects on the changing leaves makes everything look like it’s just on fire. But like in a pretty way and not a destructive way.

Erica and Gary met on Bumble, the best of the dating apps. And also just real quick I just want to give a shout out to how amazing online dating is and how much it’s lost its taboo. Most of my couples have met online! The internet is amazing. Together they share a love for all of my favorite things: Star Wars, Netflix binging, biking, and breweries!

They chose Chase Farm in Lincoln, Rhode Island for their engagement and it was absolutely perfect. Even though it was just a 30 minute session, it was truly a blast. I love interaction and keeping things moving (if you work with me, you will most likely break into a sweat). This session was full of laughs, and full of Erica and Gary’s clear and deep love for eachother. And check out Erica’s riiiing! So unique and pretty!