Late Summer Wedding at Cohasset Harbor Inn

Are we missing summer yet? I know I am. Currently bundled up in like 5 layers and wrapped in blankets and fuzzy socks. It really doesn’t feel that long ago that it was August on the day Leticia and John got married.

Though I was only with them a short time on their wedding day, I could feel how much love was shared between them and their families. Everyone seemed to know they were meant to be and had been anxiously anticipating their wedding day.

Leticia and John were married in Cohasset, Massachusetts at the Cohasset Harbor Inn on August 11, 2018 (shows you how behind I am with blogging - ooooof.)

I walked into Leticia looking absolutely gorgeous, radiant, and eagerly awaiting walking down the aisle. I was greeted by the friendliest and warmest family members ever and together they put on all the finishing touches before heading down to the ceremony.

The ceremony took place on a patio at Cohasset Harbor Inn, overlooking the bay with all its boats and perfect little New England houses. While Leticia and John shared their heartfelt vows, their smiles and gazes towards each other said it all. Their parents and families looked on with such an indescribable joy.

After the ceremony, we took a quick field trip to the Lightkeeper’s House, to take photos at the lighthouse for the ultimate nautical New England feel.

Then came the reception, filled with so much happiness and energy and rogue photobooth props on the dancefloor. One of the sweetest moments came during the father-daughter dance. Leticia danced with her dad, while John danced with their daughter.

Salem Cross Inn Wedding, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

Another wedding at Salem Cross Inn yay!! Since I travel everywhere for weddings, it’s so rare that I end up at the same venue more than once - especially not in the same year! This wedding was every kind of beautiful.

We started the day off at this bed and breakfast nestled in the woods of Warren, Massachusetts called Laurel Ridge. I wasn’t sure if I had the place since traveling down a dirt road for awhile can make you question a lot of things. But it was SO worth it when I rolled up to it. It was the most perfect summer getaway, made entirely of logs and full of personality. This is where Holly and her girls got ready, but mostly hung out together enjoying the beautiful day. While most weddings are full of craziness, chaos, and excitement, Holly and her bridesmaids and family were the epitome of relaxation and peace. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so de-stressed at a wedding! (or seen so many adorable farm animals)

I headed over to Salem Cross Inn for the ceremony and reception, and the atmosphere was something so special. Succulents on every table, so many colors and flowers in bloom, a guitarist strumming along under the gazebo. Friends and family wandered in, full of anticipation. Roland was there in the center of all of it, so completely excited to be about to marry the love of his life.

Salem Cross Inn, as always, provided the most colorful and unique backdrop for the festivities to take place. I could spend all day shooting here!

I can’t believe how fast the rest of the day flew by. So many happily shed tears, emotions, spontaneous musical performances, choreographed dances. Everything flowed so perfectly. My favorite moment was when Holly and Roland threw on some aprons, set themselves up on front of a MASSIVE pile of whipped cream, and dished it out to their guests’ slices of pie. Can we make this a new tradition please?!

Woodsy Engagement Session in Dublin, New Hampshire // Kelly + Taylor

Sometimes I go into the city for engagement sessions, a lot of times a lively park or beach, the occasional waterfall, lighthouse, or in the couples own home. But I don't think I've ever been in a magical backyard forest, the three of us walking barefoot and feeling the moss squish between our toes while drenched in the most delicious golden light. 

"Walking through moss barefoot should be a form of therapy," Kelly had said. Uhh YUP. Agreed. 100%. This session had me feeling all kinds of alive. Nature is amazing. And Kelly and Taylor blend into it so seamlessly, like woodland fairies that were born in a tree or something. I felt so at home. 

The engagement session took place in Dublin, New Hampshire, at a gorgeous, unique cottage on the lake that has been in Taylor's family for generations called Loon Point. It boasts of such a rich history, with so many black and white photos of crowds being on the property enjoying shows in the outdoor theater. Dublin, New Hampshire had been a safe haven for artists and writers, looking to escape the city for inspiration and quiet. To this day, it still has that vibe of peace and magic. 

Kelly and Taylor met in Key Largo, Florida, while both in different relationships. They both saw something so special in the other, with Kelly feeling a rush of peace while being in Taylor's presence. They encountered eachother a few times over the next couple of years while being in similar circles with similar interests. Finally, the timing came together perfectly. Both single, they met again at a dive bar, and everything fell into place like a fairy tale. 

They meshed perfectly together, sharing a massive love of live music, art, long road trips together, and the outdoors (Waitwaitwait. Are they me?? No wonder I felt so at home.)

Taylor knew without a doubt they were meant to be together. He bought a ring, an opal (!!!!!!!), so unique and perfect for Kelly, and waited for the best time to ask her to marry him. One night they were out together, enjoying some drinks and eachother's company. Kelly got to talking about how she envisioned her future, being married and starting a new life (which, not-so-coincidentally, was their name of the first dance song ) Taylor hooked onto this opportunity, could the moment be anymore perfect? Kelly, so surprised, said "NO!" in disbelief. Timing was TOOO GOOD! But of course, Kelly knew Taylor was her soulmate in every way, and thoroughly agreed to be his wife. 

The Knob, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Engagement Session // Emmeline + Jared

Sometimes I get those rare clients that are my exact, specific level of weird and we vibe so well and the engagement session is just a fun hang out and I don't want it to end. That's Emmeline and Jared. They are so much fun, so open and genuine, and were up for anything- even while wearing wedges in the wild in Cape Cod! 

Jared and Emmeline have been together since they were 15 and 16 in that kind of relationship that always blows my mind and makes me so happy. They both went to different highschools but were both involved in band which had the same director. Since neither highschool had their own band, the director combined both together to form a power band. And a power couple. Best band director ever! 

They grew up together, only growing closer and more in love. In December 2017, Jared took Emmeline on a hike at Ward Reservation along with a friend. They walked down the boardwalk together, arms wrapped around eachother, with their friend taking photos for them in the woodsy landscape. Jared found a beautiful spot and after posing for a few photos together, he dropped to his knee and Emmeline burst into the biggest smile of her life. Every moment of this captured. I firmly believe that no matter how you propose, you always need a photographer on hand. This moment is SO PRECIOUS. 

For their session, I headed out to Cape Cod at this park called The Knob, a small peninsula sticking out into the ocean in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The Knob is home to winding hiking trails, which we all adventurously explored together in inappropriate footwear, boats docked out on the water, rolling hills of tall grass, and the most gorgeous natural light and nautical backdrop that just screams Cape Cod. I'm so lucky to get to shoot in places like this!

Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, MA | Wedding | Colette + Matt

Ahh this wedding. This couple. This venue. The weather. All the perfection. This was my first full wedding of 2018 and it was such a strong start. The last time I had done a wedding at Salem Cross Inn in Massachusetts was two years ago, far too long ago. Salem cross is one of the best venues I've ever shot at. So much personality is packed into every room, giving an old-timey, rustic, farmhouse feel. This place makes you feel like you're home. 

Colette and Matt got ready in separate buildings, and I went to join Colette and her girls getting ready in the quaint, sun-drenched bridal suite. If photographers could ask for one thing from a venue, it's plenty of sunlight in the bridal suite. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Salem Cross Inn. It was such a laid back environment. When most brides answer "NOPE" when I ask if they got enough sleep, Colette was as ready to go and relaxed as a bride can get. 

I had the pleasure of working alongside I Do Onsite Hair and Face, who did an AWESOME job with Colette and her girls and have just been a pleasure to be in contact with. Definitely recommend these guys! 


While I was with the girls, my second photographer hung out with the Matt and guys. It amazes me that while girls take 2+ hours to get ready for a wedding, guys are done in five minutes flat. Even with googling diagrams of how to fold a pocket square.

In one of the sweetest moments of the day, Colette did a first look with her dad. While first looks between bride and grooms are becoming more and more popular, my brides tend to shy away from them and opt for the more traditional walk down the aisle. However, more and more frequently I see a first look between father and daughter and it is ALWAYS SO PRECIOUS.

Colette and Matt's wedding ceremony was such a dream. They got married at Salem Cross's flower-covered gazebo, with their guests wearing some gorgeous colors. Everything was so vibrant and peaceful, and so completely full of joy. Well, other than the tiny ring bearer who fell flat on his face (and I hope how hard I laughed doesn't make me too much of a terrible person). But he's okay now!

I loved Matt's face as Colette came up the aisle. I consider this reaction one of the top 3 must-have captures of the day. And Matt did not disappoint. Also that first kiss tho. FULL DIP. You go, guys!

That and the bubble send-off were the perfect ending to a perfect ceremony.

Colette and Matt kept things simple with their bridal party - only a best man and maid of honor! Can't go wrong with that - more time for bride and groom photos! 

Me, Matt, Colette, and the awesome husband and wife videography team of Double Z Productions headed out onto Salem Cross Inn's grounds for their bride and groom photos both during cocktail hour and at sunset. Can't go wrong with some extra sunset photos! It was said during the day and I'll say it again, it hardly felt like working having Colette and Matt in front of the camera. The whole time it felt like we were all hanging out as old friends, which is the exact kind of comfortable and fun experience I want to create for my couples. 

The reception area of Salem Cross Inn is something that is just so uniquely beautiful and something that I haven't seen in any other venue. It just has so much personality! And I just love the way Colette and Matt personalized it. 

The reception is always my favorite part of the day. All nerves are gone and everyone can just hang out, get their drink on, and dance the night away. 


Colette and Matt, it's been such an honor and a privilege getting to work with you for the past year. From getting to know you at your engagement session, to taking a polaroid selfie at the end of the night, every moment has been such a joy. You are such a beautiful couple and your wedding reflected that perfectly <3

Second photographer: Jessica Prout Photography
Venue: Salem Cross Inn
Videographers: Double Z Productions
Coordinator: Donna Bennet at Salem Cross Inn
Florist: Barry Mongeon at Salem Cross Inn
DJ: NuImage Entertainment
Hair and makeup: I Do On-site Hair and Face
Cake and Catering: Salem Cross Inn