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Engagement Session // Alanna + Troy

I. Love. These. Two. I feel so completely lucky to have met them and become their photographer! Alanna and Troy are experts at having a blast and every second of their engagement session was full of laughs and the carefree way they interact together. They even brought their dog Ollie, a 65-pound super sweet super lovable black lab puppy who I totally fell in love with.

The story of how they met is one of my favorites and just speaks for how much fun they are to hang out with. I can totally picture myself witnessing this story! Alanna says,

”I was at Foxwoods for my friend’s bachelorette party. We had specifically gone there to the Atrium to see Aquanett because the Bride to Be is a huge fan. We had been there for a while, drinking and dancing when Troy and his group of friends showed up. Troy lived near the casino at the time so for them, it was just another night out with the boys. After making conversation with the group and dancing for a bit, I noticed my Corona Light was empty and so I headed towards the bar for another. On my way, I saw Troy standing there with his empty Corona Light, grabbed it, and dragged him to the bar. We talked for a long time and eventually, the Bachelorette was ready to head back to the hotel. I stayed behind but got separated from Troy. After trying and failing to find him again, I decided to head back to the hotel. On my way to the doors, I ran into his best friend and best man, Mark. I shouted “HEY YOU” and flagged him down. He told me that he and Troy had split up and searched the casino to find me. He immediately called Troy and told him where we were and Troy came running back. We sat at a table in the lobby and talked for hours before we agreed it was time to head home. He and Mark wouldn’t let me walk back to the hotel alone (across the parking lot) so they walked me back even though their car was on the complete opposite side of the casino. I made sure to get his number and I saw him the very next weekend. “

Shoutout to that friend for having a kick-ass bachelorette party at the right place and the right time! And shout out to Corona as well. Your drink is amazing and brings soulmates together.

Alanna and Troy chose Ashland State Park for their session. It was at the perfect time of year because the colors were INSANE. Pair that together with a giant lake and this place was such a winner.

Going to be closing out this year’s wedding season with their wedding and I cannot WAIT to see them again and witness them get married!



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