Albuquerque Mountain Wedding // Jory + Trevor -

Albuquerque Mountain Wedding // Jory + Trevor

Hold up guys, let me reiterate that: this wedding took place on a mountain in Albuquerque. Not at the bottom of a mountain. Not at a venue with mountain views. This wedding was literally on top of a mountain peak in the Sandias. And it wasn’t just that this wedding was there, Jory and Trevor live there. How incredible is that!! House goals right here. These two put backyard weddings on a whole new level.

setting the scene…

Jory set the whole vibe for this wedding ahead of time with this in her wedding invitations. “We wanted to introduce a Jewish wedding tradition that feels far too appropriate in the COVID-world. It’s called “misameach chatan v’kallah,” which translates to “bringing joy to the bride and groom.” If you picture your stereotypical Jewish wedding, with the couple lifted on chairs and everyone dancing around them – this is where that comes from. In traditional Jewish weddings, it also typically results in singing, skits, juggling, acrobatics, and all sorts of general debauchery, as a way to entertain and fill a wedding with joy.

We wanted to share that we fully encourage skits, bad stand-up comedy, songs, and talent-show style entertainment, as we won’t have a band / DJ / dancing due to COVID. Since we have a small group, we also won’t be asking anyone in particular to give a speech, and instead invite anyone to do so if they’d like!”

And everyone DELIVERED! It was a day of so many laughs, incredible views, and a couple who inspires me so much. (Check out their adventurous engagement session here!) From getting ready to the final skit of the night, hummingbirds flitted around, joining in the party. During sunset, the sky lit up the mountains in more colors than you thought mountains came in. At night, the lights of Albuquerque backlit the wedding from the bottom of the mountain. Though it was a Covid wedding, this day had every ounce of magic that could possibly be stuffed into a wedding day.


Tent rentals: American Tent Rentals
Cake: Q’s Cakes
Hair and makeup: Genica Lee



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