Adelaide & Ramon // Backyard Wedding in New Mexico |

Adelaide & Ramon // Backyard Wedding in New Mexico

Here it is!! The first wedding after being terrified to leave my house for months, and it was just down the street from my house in Carlsbad, New Mexico. All about the baby steps, right?

Adelaide and Ramon are the example of perseverance. The amount of times they had to change their plans was unbelievable, and when they could still have a wedding, they worked around every restriction and found ways to go about it safely. Though looking out over a ceremony of people wearing masks is a little sobering, it’s so much better than nothing. It was so amazing to see even a smaller group of people come together in a pandemic to celebrate Addy and Ramon’s love. It truly is unstoppable.

Addy and Ramon got ready separately; Addy in her family’s home, and Ramon in his and Addy’s home. Everything took place right at home in Carlsbad! It was such a surreal feeling being back to work, with everything still feeling so normal. All the rushes of adrenaline, the nerves, the excitement, the jitters, and the laughter. Though the world is so weird right now, every emotion of this wedding day felt so incredibly normal and gave me hope that things would still remain the same when all this is over.

From the start of the ceremony, Addy and Ramon seriously just melted into each other. Before the ceremony, Addy had said “I just want to see him so badly!!”, and once her wish was granted, they reached out for each other the rest of the day. Their love for eachother is so strong and pure. Despite everything, you could just feel that.

After the ceremony, of course, is party time. Somehow, even with the reduced guest list, it still felt like there was 200 people on the dance floor. It was a BLAST!! And I can’t say enough good things about backyard weddings. I hope one good thing that comes out of changed wedding plans is an increase of backyard weddings. They are relaxing. They are personal. You can do anything you want. They are everything. More please!!!

Church: Grace Episcopal Church
Second Photographer: The Blonde Buffalo Photography
Makeup: Maelene Soto
DJ: G money Entertainment



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