Hey, I'm Andrea.


- I'm a documentary photographer serving the areas around Boston and Albuquerque, but will travel anywhere! Just throw me in a suitcase, I promise I’m TSA approved.
- The best combination of all time is board games and beer. If a brewery has board games, I am home. 
- My favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I’ve seen it 500 times. I still laugh so hard.
- I'm crazy about traveling. Currently on a mission to get all 50 states. I have 38 so far, including Hawaii and Alaska!
- Probably more awkward than you
- I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie. But for like skydiving. And not public humiliation.
- I have no limit to inappropriate jokes. I literally am incapable of being offended.
- The most Hufflepuff Hufflepuff who has ever Hufflepuffed. 
- I feel most alive being outside. Hiking, kayaking, camping, exploring the coastline, climbing the occasional tree, all that good stuff. The more dirt I have under my fingernails and the more scrapes I have on my kneecaps, the happier I am. 


Alright enough about me. Let’s talk about why you’re here!

My philosophy as a wedding photographer is to see the beauty in real life exactly the way it is; to capture the way your dad wipes a tear from his face as he walks you down the aisle, how hard you laugh when the love of your life whispers a dumb joke in your ear, the way you hold eachother when you're cold. I'm not into posing. I'm into genuine human interaction. I'm into capturing the chemistry and energy between you and those you love. Most of all, I'm into the real, raw, beautiful human emotion that shines through on a wedding day and it is my goal to capture those moments in the most genuine way possible.

I guarantee to be there for you throughout the first inquiry to the final delivery as more than a photographer. I will help you construct a photo schedule for your wedding day, give guidance in choosing an outfit for your engagement session, and be there for everything you need on your wedding day. I promise swift responses, unlimited consultation, and will listen to your every need.

I will make your photography experience totally about you and your vision, and make sure your photos reflect your true selves and the love you share for eachother.


HEY YOU! You’re awesome. Because of that, I wanna give you a free wedding photography guide. Get in touch for the download!

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