Kelli + Evan // Engagement Session -

Kelli + Evan // Engagement Session

guiffrida_park_meriden_ct_engagement_session_summer_new_england.jpgKelli and Evan are the perfect, real life example of “when you know, you know”. In 2010, they were set up on a blind group date with some friends, instantly connected and conversed with eachother in their own little world. They went to see Little Fockers, but with Evan not seeing the other two movies in the series, was extremely confused and turned to Kelli with questions every five seconds, keeping her giggling (and just a liiiiittle bit annoyed). Afterwards, their horror-loving friends put on one of the Saw movies, sending Kelli and Evan into a state of horror, and naturally, in a state of holding eachother and keeping eachother safe from Jigsaw. Instant bond. Within the month, Kelli introduced Evan to her parents.

On the day that Evan proposed, these two beer lovers were hanging out at one of their favorite spots in: Two Roads Brewing Company, eating a mashed potato pizza (which, by the way, why do we continue to talk about pineapple pizza when mashed potato pizza is a thing?!). Since it was a Sunday and the brewery closed early, Evan took Kelli to the Stratford Seawall, a place along the ocean where they would collect sea shells and ice cream cones together. As they walked, Evan kept trying to seek out a less populated area. Being a Sunday in July, the place was packed. They walked for ages. Kelli, getting a bit tired in the hot sun, suggested they turn back and head home. Evan persisted. Finally, he found a secluded area. He let her walk a bit in front of him and then stopped, letting her walk a bit before she turned around and found him on one knee. “And I actually said yes!” she had told me at their session. Kelli and Evan have a ridiculously strong bond, they can be complete goofballs with eachother while at the same time showing this intense and intimate love with one another; exactly what a fantastic relationship should be.

engagement-session-new-england-meriden-connecticut-giuffrida-park-rhode-island.jpgKelli and Evan picked Giuffrida Park in Meriden, Connecticut for their engagement session. This place was absolutely stunning and has the closest thing to mountains in Southern New England.engagement-session-in-connecticut-giuffrida-park-meriden-new-england.jpgengaged-ri-ct-ma-boston-meriden-new-england-wedding-photographer.jpggiuffrida-park-connecticut-new-england-engagement-session.jpgThey brought along their dog, Ruger, who is now my new favorite animal (then again, every animal wearing a bowtie is an instant favorite)dog-puppy-engagement-session-giuffrida-park-connecticut-new-england.jpgdisdoot-108.JPGgiuffrida-park-engagement-session-dog-puppy-bowtie-new-england-engagement-photographer.jpgnew-england-meriden-engagement-session-connecticut-rhode-island-massachusetts-wedding-photographer-photography.jpggiuffrida-park-meriden-engaged-new-england-connecticut.jpg



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